"...superb new album ... Carroll sketches out beautifully lyric themes with sensitive arrangements..."
-Peter Margasak, Jazz Times [ full review ]

[Marionettes on a High Wire] has the verve, the vision and the vitality of the best of mid-sixties and contemporary jazz."  
-Jules Epstein, Philadelphia Tribune

"Baikida Carroll can write any kind of music for the theatre, in any genre, any style, any instrumentation and its power is breath-taking. He is, very simply, the most inventive and emotionally powerful composer for the stage I have ever encountered".
- Emily Mann, writer and director McCarter Theatre, Artistic Director [ full review ]

"Between Heaven and Earth: The sense of grace that comes with real balance and a sense of direction are what undergird this disc's authority and elevate its creative leaps."             
-Larry Blumenfeld, Jazziz [ full review ]

"A multifaceted gem. Carroll plays the trumpet like no one I know of. He's got chops to burn, which are fabulously on display whenever he solos, but what really strikes me as unique is his tone, which is dark and buttery-slippery, yet somehow perfectly articulated. He gets more warmth from his horn than any trumpeter I've ever heard, yet he's incredible nimble and has perfect timing and pitch. This kind of modern eclectic jazz--hip, worldly wise, yet with an underlying warmth and accessibility--is what many artists strive for but few achieve. In sum, this is one marvelous disc, certainly one of the absolute best of 2001.
-Jon P. Dennis, Amazon.com [ full review ]

"'Simply breathtaking! A real trust in creative freedom is at the core of Carroll's work..."
 -Bret Premack
-Global Music Network 2001 [ full review ]

"...Remarkable often astonishing. His playing is full of poetry. His tones are beautiful..."
-Jazz Hot Magazine, Paris, France

"Baikida is an exceptional musician and composer, we have been friends for many moons...his music is always unique and soulful."
-Oliver Lake, Musician/Composer

"A fine trumpeter"
-The Village Voice

"[Carroll's] probing trumpet, with a full, rounded attack and soulful passion is at the core throughout. His lines have a piercing precision, able to transform the singing melodies into soaring abstractions while always retaining the harmonic threadÉa personal approach to improvising that is rich with an understated, complex lyricism. Carroll's writing displays an adventurous melodicism and edgy sense of timing that lets the musicians stretch out with soaring freedom while still maintaining a flowing pulse that swings like mad."
-Michael Rosenstein, Signal to Noise [ full review ]

Best New Jazz Releases
-Jez Nelson, BBC

2001 Critics' Best
-Hernani Faustino, JazzPortugal.net

"Baikida Carroll pulls the right strings. This 'freebop' session is fresh sounding without being forced....Carroll's album provides a valuable lesson to those who think that jazz's future is in its past, be it neo-traditionalists or those reliving the early 70's loft scene. The rich history of the music is to be neither imitated nor ignored, but absorbed to help create a personal statement. Carroll and his band mates walk the tightrope between tradition and experimentation with perfect balance."
-Dan Polletta, Public Arts Interactive [ full review ]

"Marionettes On A High Wire is a comprehensive, deeply moving evocation of creative values. For all the bravura complexity and calculated ambiguity of Carroll's lines, there's a suede elegance to his tone."
-Chip Stern, Stereophile [ full review ]

"Baikida Carroll is not only a very fine musician; but a very accomplished person in general."
-Muhal Richard Abrams, Composer/Musician

"If the neo-cons hadn't started to force it backwards 20 years ago, this CD demonstrates where thoughtful mainstream jazz was headed at that time, and what most contemporary mainstream jazz should sound like right now."
-Ken Waxman, Jazz Weekly [ full review ]

"[Marionettes On A High Wire] Like a drive on a windy mountain road, however, the new vistas peering out on each turn are quite unexpected and beautiful. Take a spin for yourself".
-Jack Skowron, Audiophile Voice [ full review ]

"[Marionettes On A High Wire] Quite the perfect release - Omnitone once again delivers manna from the heavens."
-Downtown Music Gallery (NY)

"Baikida Carroll has been one of the more impressive trumpeters in the new jazz for several years now... boast a big sound and firm control in all registers."
-Robert Palmer, The New York Times [ full review ]

"Carroll is a superb trumpeter - avant-garde in the finest sense; building upon a tradition... and extending it into new territories."
-Thomas Albright, The San Francisco Chronicle

"I am deeply moved by his compositions... Carroll's work is innovative, fresh and has a magic that takes the listener to another realm of awareness. The lines and textures inspire me to make dances."
-Dianne McIntyre, Choreographer

"Baikida Carroll is an artist...and one of the preeminent trumpet players of his generation."
-Mikhail Horowitz, The Woodstock Times

"...It was a pleasure to listen to Baikida Carroll... with his fine, fine sense of melody and his many talents as a composer... intelligent compositional weave, and brilliant instrumentalist.
-Edward Sanders, The Woodstock Journal [ full review ]

"There is a freshness in the air when one hears Baikida Carroll. A gifted writer."
-Dick Bogle, The Portland Scanner [ full review ]

"Leader and superb trumpeter ...Carroll with his lovely clear tone, relaxed, multi- faceted lyricism and sudden high spears of power... a much more satisfying soloist."
-The Morning Herald, Sydney Australia

"Baikida Carroll has long been a leading force in the shaping of contemporary creative music. His influence will be strongly felt as creative music moves into the next cycle."
-Anthony Braxton, Composer/Musician

"Carroll's fat tone and popping attack...suggest the formidable Lee Morgan. When Baikida bears down on the microphone a sec, the whole room can shake..."
-Kevin Whitehead, Schwann Inside Jazz & Classical [ full review ]

Recommended Jazz
-Chuck Obuchowski, New England Jazz Radio Cooperative (WWUH-FM)

"He (Baikida) evokes every style of the horn's history and elicits every conceivable, and some inconceivable sounds from it. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't heard it myself."
-WXPN Radio, Philadelphia, PA

"...the balance of this special recording has the verve, the vision and the vitality of the best of mid-sixties and contemporary jazz.
-Jules Epstein, Jazzmatazz [ full review ]

"Excellent trumpet player!"
-Wynton Marsalis, Trumpeter



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